Residential Upgrade

Considering upgrading your family home or downsizing for retirement? There's a lot to consider when making such a big decision.

→ Do I need to sell my current home first?
How do I coordinate selling my current home and buying a new one
Will I need bridging finance to secure a deposit for my new home?
What are the costs involved in selling and buying?
Can I turn my current home into an investment property?
What are the financial implications of this move?

We’re here to help

At SFP Financial Crows Nest, we’ve been providing clients with strategic debt advice for over 20 years. Our unique approach stems from our extensive knowledge in both mortgage broking and financial advice. We’ll help you secure finance and provide tailored financial advice to ensure you make the right decisions for your next big move.

FINDING The right loan

With thousands of home loan products available in Australia, finding the perfect lender and loan can be challenging. Our specialist finance team collaborates with a diverse panel of over 60 lenders, including major banks, credit unions, and non-branch lenders, to find the ideal home loan for your specific needs.

Don't overlook buying and selling costs

Moving homes involves many expenses, and it’s easy to overlook them. Before listing your home for sale or committing to a new property, it’s crucial to assess all costs to ensure a seamless transition. Some of the expenses to consider include:

→ Stamp Duty
→ Lenders Mortgage Insurance
→ Real estate agent fees
→ Legal fees
→ Building & Pest Inspection
→ Home and Contents Insurance
→ Property Valuations
→ Moving Costs